Gloomy bear eats an emo cupcake

I hope you realize one day what you’ve done with me. How completely mentally screwed up I am because of you.

I will try harder from now on. I will be thin.

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"One day I’m wanting to starve myself, the next I eat a whole bag of chips
One day I’m on top of the world, the next I could easily end my life
One day I wonder why I hurt myself, the next I drag a blade along my legs
One day I sleep for hours, the next I stare at my ceiling for hours on end watching it spin
One day my hand is always up in class, the next I’m consumed by anxiety and can’t even speak to my best friend
One day I get out of bed like a normal person, the next I can’t will my body to move"
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I’m feeling very broken tonight. Alone. Scared. And hungry. I don’t eat much. I have no desire. I’m giving up. On the inside. To everyone else I’m fine.

fat fat fat fat
"And after a while
Feelings stopped visiting me
The only one that did
From time to time was anger
Reminding me that I was still alive"
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At only 14, she’s fucked up
In a million different ways
She can smile, but they’re getting sick
Of the games that she plays

She’s called selfish, but they don’t know
Of the lives she has saved
And with shaky knees, she walks down
The twisted road that she’s paved

"Leave your door open! You have to be watched
Twenty-four hours a day!
Don’t you laugh: this is serious
You can’t have your goddamn way.”

"We’re done with you; you have to go
We don’t want you here.
You don’t believe in god, you are evil
We’re pushing you out of fear.”

"Alternative school! Your behavior
Has gotten out of contol!
You have to eat! 2,000 cals
And make sure to watch that bowl.”

"We’re taking you away; he’s no good for you."
“But he makes me happy!”
“He’s a bad influence. Drug addict.”
“Just let us fucking be!”

"We want you better, so were depriving you
One hand held at a time”
“I really love him. Fuck you.
And fuck this stupid rhyme.”

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